Tasty Classic Cocktails at UP on the Roof

One sip is all it takes to transport you back in time at UP on the Roof. Our bartenders mix UP cocktails that are simply timeless and have been long-standing favorites for decades. They are called “classic” for a reason after all. If you’re looking for a drink (or two) in downtown Greenville that is no nonsense and pairs beautifully with one of our world-fusion dishes, UP on the Roof is the happy place to be.

The Comforting Classics

These $10 classic beverages are of course made from scratch, but are also crafted with love. Enjoy the downtown Greenville views with one of these in hand, and you’re guaranteed to jump-start your culinary adventure.
• Caipirinha – this Brazilian favorite can take you to a beach in Rio. It’s traditionally muddled with lime and sugar, filled with ice and then topped with Cachaça, a hard liquor made from sugarcane.
• Negroni – an Italian classic, this drink is a mixture of campari, gin, and sweet vermouth. Filled with ice and garnished with an orange wheel, you’re good to go.
• Dark n’ Stormy – rain or shine, this is the perfect drink. This cocktail begins with a tall glass of rum, ends with ginger beer and garnished with a lime wedge for a refreshing spin.
• Boulevardier – this drink sounds fancy, but it’s just the rich cousin of the Negroni. It’s swapped with whiskey for the gin, mixed with campari and sweet vermouth, then garnished with an orange twist. You’ve got yourself a classic winner.

Elevated Classics Cocktails

Our elevated classics are still the cocktails we remember, but with the volume turned UP! These concoctions are just some of the many cocktails we offer that highlight our fresh-squeezed juices… simply the best boozy companions to sip on.
• Sherry is so Old Fashioned – this drink has invited Sherry to join the Old-Fashioned party. Scotch and sherry are mixed with simple syrup, Angostura, and orange bitters for a classic kick.
• Moon-Over-Moscow Mule – this popular cocktail has just raised the bar. Instead of ginger beer, we add ginger liqueur and ginger ale to the classic mix of vodka, simple syrup and lime juice.
• The Noble Truth – a mix of Rye, ginger liqueur, lime juice, and clover honey syrup, this drink will have your taste buds singing like the bees.

Join Us on the Roof in Downtown Greenville for a Timeless Cocktail

Stop by UP on the Roof in downtown Greenville and drink UP a refreshing, classic cocktail that is sure to quench your thirst for the weekend. Browse our website, contact us online or give us a call at 864.242.4000 for any questions regarding our menus. We look forward to seeing you at happy hour on the roof!