UP on the Roof: A Feast for the Senses

At UP on the Roof in Alpharetta, the artistry flows from the culinary creations to the walls to the natural beauty around us and is sure to whet your creative appetite. The playful rooftop vibe channels the perfect blend of textures, colors and flavors in everything it does, including its vibrant art collection. Featuring a custom designed wall created by Atlanta-based muralist Angie Jerez as well as original pieces from contemporary American pop art icon John Stango, UP on the Roof masterfully combines the worlds of food, drink, art and community. We invite you to join us UP here and let our innovative space tickle your artistic tastebuds.

About the Artists

Angie Jerez

Born in Bogotá, Colombia, Angie is inspired by the everyday beauty she found in her lively industrial neighborhood as a child and young adult. Upon moving to Atlanta in 2012, Angie transitioned from traditional digitally-based graphic design to handmade illustration, painting and mural work – and the rest, as they say, is history!

Over the past 10 years, Angie’s large-scale works have become a focal point of Atlanta’s ever growing public art scene, with her murals found throughout the city and beyond. Known for her organic shapes, colorful, pastel-leaning palates and delicate textures, Angie enjoys using a range of bold and organic artistic elements in her work and has a keen eye for detail that really sets her work apart.

We are honored to feature a custom designed mural on the wall of our Cabana Room at UP on the Roof in Alpharetta, which is available to rent for intimate private gatherings.

John Stango

A Philadelphia native, John continues to call the City of Brotherly Love home. Inspired by the pop art tradition of the 1950s, John creates paintings that are at once nostalgic and modern. Intense brush strokes, explosions of color, aggressive textures, and juxtaposed images yield distinctive and recognizable canvasses.

Musicians, art collectors, politicians, actors, and professional athletes alike prize his work, which can be found in stadiums, corporate offices, restaurants and galleries across the country and around the world. John’s audacious reinterpretations of classical icons – from bombshell women and sports heroes to Americana – resonate strongly with his audiences and have garnered him critical acclaim in the 21st century.

On your next visit to UP on the Roof in Alpharetta, be sure to check out his bold representations of Hank Aaron and the American Flag that adorn the walls of our restaurant and bar space.