Cocktails to Enjoy on the Rooftop at UP on the Roof in Anderson, SC

Summer has arrived, and there’s no better way to beat the heat than sipping refreshing cocktails while soaking ‘UP’ rooftop views. Enter UP on the Roof, perched atop the Market Street Parking Garage in downtown Anderson, SC! Our bar experts have crafted a cocktail menu that showcases fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Therefore, each sip is a celebration of the season’s bounty.

Discover the perfect summer libations to enjoy while basking in the quaint Anderson skyline. Then make your way to UP on the Roof and indulge in your new favorite!

Soaring Bottled Cocktails at UP on the Roof

At UP on the Roof in Anderson, SC, “bottled” means handcrafted whimsy served in clear glass bottles, perfect for your next Instagram story or TikTok. Here are a few of our bestselling bottled concoctions:

It’s Strawberry Thyme

This vibrant pink drink captures the quintessential summer flavors of fresh strawberries and fragrant thyme, as well as a hint of lemon sour. As for the alcohol, we use gin and cointreau to balance out the sweetness of the strawberries.

Golden Hour

Imagine catching late-day rays on an island—that’s the vibe we’ve captured in a bottle with the Golden Hour! Coconut rum, coconut water, pineapple juice, and lime transport you to the tropics while Drambuie adds notes of warming spices. You might just forget that you’re in Anderson, SC, and not on the beach.

Smoke + Mirrors

If a slightly fruity drink sounds like summer to you, then you’ll love this well balanced rye whisky libation with peach schnapps, cherry bitters, lemon, and the black raspberry flavor of chambord. Meanwhile, smoked vanilla syrup gives this cocktail an additional touch of sweetness and a hint of smoke – as well as its name!

Sip on Elevated Classics

Thanks to premium spirits and fresh-squeezed juices, these handcrafted cocktails at UP on the Roof take Anderson cocktail hour to new heights. Keep reading to learn which ones are the perfect summer sippers to enjoy on the rooftop!

Gingers Have More Fun

When it comes to summer cocktails, you can’t go wrong with a good vodka mule! At UP on the Roof, we make ours with ginger liqueur and ginger ale instead of ginger beer, plus lime juice and simple syrup.

Dad Joke

Unlike a corny pun—although we do love those at UP on the Roof—this tasty drink will elicit a chuckle rather than an eyeroll! Bourbon infused with in-season basil combines with herbal quinine aperitif, strawberry, and lemon to create a cocktail that’s bursting with bright summer flavors.

To “Quila” Mockingbird

This summer, perhaps you want to embrace the heat instead of avoiding it! In that case, this tequila concoction is right up your alley with jalapeño-ginger simple syrup, lime juice, and crème de violette. It’s like a spicy margarita only better!

Visit UP on the Roof for Rooftop Cocktails in Anderson, SC

So, what are you waiting for? Come swizzle with the best cocktails in the South Carolina UPstate while savoring stunning city views! Whether you gather your crew for a few rounds or spend a romantic evening for two watching the sunset with cold cocktails in hand, an unforgettable summer experience awaits you here at UP on the Roof in Anderson, SC.