Rooftop Patio Etiquette

greenville, sc

UP on the Roof in downtown Greenville, SC welcomes small- and medium-sized dogs to the terrace adjacent to the bar area of our rooftop. Please read the following before bringing your furry friend UP.

      1. Dogs may not exceed 75 lbs. and must remain leashed at all times.
      2. Your leashed pup should be well-behaved, easily controlled and must remain in close contact with the owner at all times. Dogs may not roam free, even if they are obedient.
      3. Make sure your dog does their business before coming to our rooftop terrace. There is no place for your dog to go to the bathroom UP here, and owners are subject to a $50+ cleanup fee if there is an accident.
      4. Any incidents related to or involving a dog you bring to the rooftop are your responsibility.
      5. Don’t go barkin’ my heart. Dogs who bark, howl or whine for any extended period of time will be required to leave (with their owner) immediately.
      6. Dogs are not allowed in the dining room or restrooms at any time. Dogs may only enter the indoor bar area to come and go from the elevators. Please proceed to the designated outdoor area immediately upon arrival and remain outdoors for the duration of your visit.
      7. Bring your own bowl (BYOB) for your pup. While UP does have a limited number of dog bowls on hand, we cannot guarantee we will have one available for your dog at the time of your visit. Serving dogs from restaurant plates, bowls or glassware is strictly prohibited and may result in your removal from the rooftop.
      8. Be mindful of others. While we know you think your dog is the best there ever was, some people are not fond of dogs. Ask permission before letting your dog greet other people or dogs. On the flip side, while we hope people will ask before interacting with your dog, if your pup doesn’t do well with strangers, children or other dogs, please refrain from bringing them to the rooftop.
      9. Many of our dining tables are physically close to one another to maximize guest seating. If your dog cannot sit at your tableside without begging a neighboring table for food or looking for attention, please leave them at home.
      10. Dogs are not allowed on tables. No exceptions.
      11. Don’t disrespect our rules and guidelines. We are dog-friendly, but if you can’t follow all of our rules you will be asked to leave and you will be prohibited from bringing a dog to the rooftop in the future.
      12. Management reserves the right to limit the number of dogs on the rooftop at any time.