Chefs revel the opportunity to work with amazing fresh, local ingredients. More importantly, dining guests love to eat meals served with seasonal produce and livestock native to their community.

UP on the Roof is located in the heart of downtown Greenville, but the signature taste is inspired by the farms and beautiful countryside around our great city. For our signature cocktails and small plate menu items, we utilize the freshest locally-sourced ingredients we have available whenever possible. Our chefs constantly experiment with seasonal ingredients to create dishes that capture the taste of the season in a way you won’t find anywhere else. Learn more about why local ingredients are so important to the small plate menu and bar at UP on the Roof.

Support Local Farmers and Enjoy Fresh Flavors

Even though you may live in an urban setting, America is filled with robust rural areas that depend on your support. Spending money on local foods at farmer’s markets helps keep resources in our community. It also ensures that many of the ingredients that end up on your plate will not only be filled with flavor, but will help the community thrive.

Local Ingredients Offer Fresher Flavors and Perfect Ripeness

Locally-sourced foods are also much more flavorful than foods shipped from across the country as they are often picked the day or day before they are purchased. In comparison, food that must be shipped across the country or imported is picked before peak ripeness, and allowed to ripen in transport. This leads to produce and herbs with less intense flavor – which make for a less-than-stellar ingredient. With local ingredients, you will be able to enjoy fresh produce at the peak of ripeness.

Protect Your Local Environment

Supporting the local farmers ensures that the beautiful farmland and green acres will be protected. Less traveling from farm to table will help protect the environment.

Stocking our kitchen with local ingredients also saves trucks from burning unnecessary fossil fuels. When you support restaurants that use fresh, local ingredients, you are directly affecting the carbon footprint of your meal for the better.

Eat Local at UP on the Roof

Enjoy fresh local ingredients incorporated in all our small plates and many of our cocktails. Visit us in downtown Greenville and enjoy the scenic views and delicious local dishes. Call us to make a reservation at 864-242-4000 or contact us online for any questions.