Finding Your Perfect Beer Style

Have you graduated from the days of drinking whatever kind of beer everyone else is drinking? Are you ready to confidently bring your favorite beer to every party? It’s time to step up your beer game. There are so many styles of beer to choose, so put the days of drinking “popular” beers behind you and move on to something more suited to your style. With such a variety of beers available today, it’s hard to taste them all. If you’re someone that has tried to get away from the common beers of the past, but still hasn’t found the right match, UP on the Roof is here to help.

What to Consider When Choosing a Beer

The process of finding the perfect beer style can a draining, am I right? First, you need to recognize which ingredients you like in beer and which ingredients you could do without. Barely, hops, yeast, and water are the fundamental ingredients


Color plays a huge role in what the beer tastes like. Typically, people tend to lean towards a darker beer over a lighter one and vice versa. Beers can be amber, red, brown, or black. Choose your favorite color and go from there!


What beer smells like can tell you a lot about how it’s going to taste. The smell may be hoppy, malty, floral, or even fruity. There are a lot of craft beers that have seasonal fruits and flavors added in, so be sure to take a whiff before taking a sip.


Take the time to really taste your beer. Decide whether you prefer a beer that has a light or full body when finding your personal beer style.


Choose a beer that TASTES good. This shouldn’t be too difficult, find a beer that you truly enjoy drinking, rather than just chugging something down to get a buzz.

Beer Styles for Wine Drinkers

If you’re currently more of a wine drinker, but you’re looking to switch it up, we’re here to help. We have created a quick list of beer recommendations based on wine preferences.

Sauvignon Blanc: German-style Kölsch – look for clean and crisp with no bitterness.
Pinot Gris/Pinto Grigio: Saison/Farmhouse Ale – clean, toasty and spiced with a wheaty touch.
Merlot: Belgian Strong Dark Ale – complex spices and strong finish.
Cabernet Sauvignon: Sour Brown Ale – robust aromas with a sweeter finish.
Pinot Noir: Belgian Style Ale – peppery and earthy tastes with dry finish.

Find Your Beer Style at UP on the Roof

Start searching your perfect beer style at UP on the Roof, in downtown Greenville. We feature a variety of local and regional craft beers. Let us know what you like and dislike in your beer and we’ll offer a few suggestions. Our selection of beers is not limited to craft beers, we have the classic domestic and imports as well. Join us daily from 11am to Midnight. Please contact us online with any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions that you might have or give us a call at (864)242-4000, we would love to hear from you.