How do you organize an eclipse party? You planet!

Oh, we know, we’re so “punny” with our dad jokes.

On a more serious note, our sold out Total Solar Eclipse Party was a success! We’re “over the moon” with your choice to celebrate with us at UP on the Roof (yes, more dad jokes)! We decided to share a recap of some of the highlights of the whole event.

With wonderful drinks, beautiful people, great music, and a memorable event, we couldn’t be more pleased with the turn out for the Total Solar Eclipse Party. Thank you so much to everyone who joined us for this once in a lifetime celestial event!

Photo by bigo66

We love this photo showing a collage of your favorite moments of the UP on the Roof party. It represents exactly why we wanted to have the party in the first place: being with loved ones while watching the total solar eclipse in our beloved city of Greenville!

Photo by UPGreenville

We’re so happy that each and every one of you came out to the Total Solar Eclipse Party! Can you believe that this is around 2:39 in the afternoon? We’re still in awe over here at UP on the Roof!

Photo by lanajoy1228

Moon-rocking the Total Solar Eclipse party with great music (you thought the dad jokes were over, huh?)! Kelly Jo & Buffaloe played some great tunes for us at UP on the Roof!

Photo by lanajoy1228

Getting our drink on with Mount Gay Rum! The total solar eclipse wouldn’t be the same without all of the tasty drinks made with Mount Gay Rum, Cointreau, The Botanist Gin, and Skyy Vodka.

Photo by UPGreenville

Would you look at that breathtaking total solar eclipse! Just think, this total solar eclipse event won’t happen again in Greenville, SC in our lifetime.

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