There is nothing better than looking forward to a Sunset Sweet after a long, hard day. You start to focus entirely on the sweet desserts and how you deserve to treat yourself after this day or week. You start thinking about how much you want the dessert that you are considering getting the sweets before the main course.

We get it. Sweets are our favorite part of the meal, too—along with the main course. And the appetizers. Wait a minute, we love it all! But to be honest, there is nothing like a luxurious, sweet dessert to top off your day.

Chocolate Mirror Cake

Attention chocolate lovers: prepare to be amazed! Our chocolate mirror cake has a white chocolate mousse filling. And yes, it’s just as luxurious as it sounds. With the eclectic icing overlaying the white chocolate interior, this cake is known for making jaws drop as soon as it leaves our kitchen. Made for all different chocolate lovers combined who are looking for something new to try. May we also include the fact that this is one of our most artistic dishes we have ever seen! Wow your friends (and yourself) and get a piece of the Chocolate Mirror Cake at UP on the Roof tonight!

Fruit Cobbler

You know what they say, if you love the environment and your local economy, shop local! With this fruit cobbler, your supporting that very notion. Only the most beautiful, fresh fruit is used in our fruit cobbler. We support our local farmers in every way that we can, even to satisfy your sweet tooth. This fruit cobbler is baked in an iron skillet and served with a goat cheese fondue. We’re drooling over here!

Strawberry Short Cake

We believe strawberry short cake is the epitome of summertime. Fresh strawberries, classic short cake, luxurious Chantilly cream, and our own little fresh twist: basil. This strawberry short cake towers over every other thing you’ve ever eaten, intimidating the competition with its sweet deliciousness.

Rooftop Ice Cream Sandwich

Who says ice cream sandwiches are just for kids? At UP on the Roof, we have the best ice cream sandwiches to make you feel all giddy and nostalgic. Coming in two triangles, the ice cream is generously lathered between two cookies to cool you off on a hot day. Ask your server for our daily selection of flavors at UP on the Roof.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at UP on the Roof

Come into UP on the Roof and enjoy a dessert (or two)! Take a look at our menu to see the other food items that we offer. While you’re here, enjoy the skyline of Greenville, SC and enjoy a few cocktails! We can’t wait to see you.