Fun Cocktails to Enjoy on the Rooftop This Summer

Summer is in full swing, and if you haven’t been spending your evenings enjoying cocktails at a rooftop bar with friends, then it’s about time you start! Located on the eighth floor of the Embassy Suites hotel downtown, UUP on the Roof provides the best sips and scenery in Downtown Greenville, SC.

Keep reading to learn more about our most popular boozy offerings this season, featuring premium spirits as well as juices fresh-squeezed from summer fruits and veggies.

Soaring Bottle Cocktails

Bottles aren’t just for beer anymore. At UP on the Roof, we’re serving handcrafted cocktails in totally Instagrammable clear glass bottles. Check out a few of our favorites:

Mint to Be:

You can’t go wrong with a beverage as refreshing as this one. We’ve combined rum, cucumber water, fresh lime juice, mint-infused honey syrup, lemon bitters, and club soda for a bubbly concoction that perfectly balances sweet and tart.

Barrel of Monkeys:

This libation is just as fun to drink as it sounds! Monkey Shoulder scotch—hence the name—Campari, sweet vermouth, blackberry puree, and plum bitters all play off each other in this sweet-yet-smoky cocktail.

It’s Strawberry Thyme:

As the name suggests, the classic summertime combo of strawberries and fresh thyme star in this cocktail made with gin, cointreau, and a hint of lemon sour. As a result, this bright pink drink achieves a whimsical look and comes bursting with flavor.

Elevated Classics

We always aim high when it comes to creating cocktails, and the evidence is in our signature drinks. You’ll feel like you’re on top of the world with one of these in your hand:

My Tie Remedy:

If you’re all about tiki vibes this summer, you’ll love our bubbly twist on the classic Mai Tai. In addition to white and dark rums, pineapple and orange juices, and Orgeat almond syrup, we also included ginger ale for a fizz that almost sounds like the ocean waves.

And if tiki vibes are your thing, be sure to check out UP on the Roof during the month of August 2021 for our Surf’s Up Pop-Up Tiki Bar. We’re serving up island-inspired cocktails, fishbowls, frozen drinks as well as S.O.S. Shots and Boozy Pops. You won’t want to miss it!

To “Quila” Mockingbird:

For a cocktail with a little extra kick, try our tequila-based specialty containing creme de violette, lime juice, and jalapeno ginger simple syrup that brings the perfect hint of heat to enjoy under the South Carolina sun.

Up in the Air:

Of course, we can’t forget the drink that embodies our rooftop atmosphere. This vodka-based aperitif boasts seasonal flavors of elderflower—courtesy of St. Germain—blackberry, lemon, and cool mint.

Visit UP on the Roof for Drinks in Greenville, SC

No night out in Greenville this season would be complete without toasting to summer at UP on the Roof. Bring your whole squad for a couple rounds of drinks or spend a relaxing evening gazing out over Downtown Greenville and the Reedy River. You will especially enjoy the views of the city if you join us during a beautiful summer sunset.

Whatever your plans in the Upstate entail, we hope to see you on our rooftop this summer! Make a reservation for lunch, brunch of dinner or stop in for a drink today.