Fresh herbs add lovely and unique flavor to many of our handcrafted cocktails. We sometimes use the fresh herb muddled directly inside the beverage and other drinks feature the herb married in a simple syrup or infused in aromatic bitters. Our bartenders make each cocktail fresh and from scratch. Learn more about how we use herbs in our drinks and some of our highest-recommended cocktails.

It’s Strawberry Thyme

Our Strawberry Thyme cocktail is one of our favorites. We prepare Aviation gin with Cointreau for a unique contrast of dry and sweet. Next, we muddle fresh strawberries and add in a little lemon sour for a lovely tart flavor. Next, we mix our ingredients and bottle with fizz. Finally, we serve in a glass with crushed ice and garnish with Strawberry & Thyme. This cocktail is a lovely way to start a meal, and it’s perfect for a hot, summer day.

The Reedy Peach

The Reedy Peach features two types of fruit-flavored vodka mixed with fresh lime juice and cucumber water. We add a dash of tonic syrup and mint-infused simple syrup for a lift of sweetness. We finish the drink with some lovely lavender bitters to balance out the sweet flavors. The Reedy Peach is refreshing, light, and merits a second round.


The Roof-Tini is a twist on a Cosmopolitan and starts with two types of premium vodkas. Next, we mix blueberry-blackberry and rosemary simple syrups for a variety of sweet flavor. We finish the drink just like a Cosmo, shaking up a splash of fresh cranberry juice and triple sec. The Roof-Tini is anything but dull and will surely get you excited for your meal.

Stop by for a Cocktail in Greenville at UP On the Roof

Visit us at our brand new restaurant just off the beautiful Reedy River area in downtown Greenville. Try one of our herbed cocktails or any of our other drinks. You have plenty of options. You can contact us online for any questions or concerns or give us a call directly at 864.242.4000. See you next happy hour!